Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Washington Post Article

The Washington Post has a decent article about the fans of the 1-18-08 trailer.

The current mysterious movie trailer has the release date "1-18-08." Fans looking online found the Web site, which featured pictures of the characters in the trailer. Watching the trailer frame-by-frame, some enthusiasts noticed that one of the characters was wearing a T-shirt for Slusho, a fictional beverage that had been mentioned in "Alias." Online sleuthing led to the Web site, a promotional site for the nonexistent Slurpee-like drink. Records showed that the Slusho Web site was registered before the trailer aired, indicating that the site almost had to be official.

But after the initial rush of discoveries, fans began to question: Where is the rest of the game?, a forum devoted to alternate-reality games, features more than 6,000 posts -- which have been viewed about 400,000 times -- from players searching for clues since July 3, when the trailer first appeared before the "Transformers" movie.

If they have indeed found a "rabbithole," the fans do not know how to enter, and they're left hoping that J.J. Abrams will unleash a white rabbit to lead the way.

Check it out.