Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Another 1-18-08 Article

The folks at Advertising Age have finally given us an article about Cloverfield. Honestly, it's about time.

Anyway, aside from the normal information, AdAge gives us a look at this movie from the advertising and marketing perspective, plus they throw in a bit more information about the trailer.

Who cut the "Cloverfield" trailer? Paramount isn't saying. Execs at and spokesmen for the studio did not return calls seeking comment. But a person at a postproduction house that works closely with Paramount on all its trailers told Ad Age that the trailer "came out of left field for all of us" and that the consensus was Mr. Abrams had cut the trailer himself.

The trailer-house insider was puzzled by the lack of clear branding on the untitled film. "We try and push the title of the movie [in a trailer], so people will associate the 'Wow!' experience with the movie. I don't know if this will backfire or not."