Saturday, July 28, 2007

1-18-08 MySpace Pages

After reading the back of the newest photo on, I did a quick search for Jamie Lascano on MySpace. Wouldn't you know it, the site exists! She's also got some interesting friends. I think you might recognize a few of them. Check out her MySpace page.

Be sure to browse her friends' pages as well. It turns out Rob Hawkins and the guy wearing the Slusho t-shirt in the trailer (Jason) are brothers. Some of these guys even like the show LOST. Too bad they're probably going to miss the start of season four.

List of Confirmed Characters:
Rob Hawkins--MySpace Profile
Jason Hawkins--MySpace Profile
Marlena Diamond--MySpace Profile
Lily Ford--MySpace Profile
Jamie Lascano--MySpace Profile
Beth McIntyre--MySpace Profile
Hudson Platt--MySpace Profile

Thanks to jts1123 for suggesting I check out MySpace profiles. I also updated the IMDB page based on the names given on the MySpace pages. Hopefully they accept my edits.