Thursday, July 26, 2007

News from Comic-Con

We have some news live from Comic-Con.

JJ Abrams just ran out for two seconds. "I want a monster movie." Didn't give
the title but said it's not called MONSTROUS.

Of course he could be joking.

More JJ: He said we'll see a trailer, etc. eventually, but now all we get is a poster of the headless Liberty. Film is almost done shooting.

Thanks to Whitney at Pop Candy who is at Comic-Con. has some more in-depth information. Check it out.

2:22 - The original trailer in front of Transformers for Cloverfield / 1-18-08 debuts. JJ Abrams heads to the stage. His very quick statement on the film (as he'll be back for Star Trek XI):
“I want a monster movie, I've wanted one for so long. I was in Japan with my son and all he wanted to do is go to toy stores. And we saw all these Godzilla toys, and I thought, we need our own monster, and not King Kong, King Kong's adorable. I wanted something that was just insane and intense. It's almost done shooting and I watch dailies and I'm more excited for them than the trailer, which has had an overwhelming response.
We have 6 months before this comes out. We're going to have a whole bunch of things, a whole bunch more." He said a full trailer, more clips, full posters, and much more will be coming out over the next 6 monts, including the name, which he will NOT reveal today.
“You think we'd call it Monstrous? No…"
So, the film is NOT a Godzilla movie, it is an original monster movie, and
it is NOT called Monstrous!
has an update from Comic-Con. you'll have to scroll down to get to it. The
important stuff is below.

JJ Abrams comes out (wearing an Infocom shirt, to boot!) and in extremely rapid-fire fashion he tells us, "I wanted a monster movies, and had taken my son to Japan, and there were all these Godzilla dolls everywhere." *cheers from the audience* "However, I decided we needed our own monster. We're not showing any footage, but we're almost done shooting, and I think you'll love it. We aren't revealing a title today." *boos from the audience* "What would you think if we called it Monstruous?" *Puzzled reaction from crowd.* "Anyhow, we'll see. We have a new poster out, and you'll be getting that today. I can't wait for you to see this.. Bye!

P. S. I want that poster!!!!

Stay tuned for more details!