Monday, July 30, 2007

OVERNIGHT: Possible Title?

"Overnight" is now the subject at hand. Could this possibly be the title of our movie? Thanks to malemunyon from unfiction for this lead.

Sorry if this has been posted already; a quick search didn't yield anything. I recently stumbled upon trademark #77232885, "Overnight." It was registered to Group One Productions, LLC, and Jackoway Tyerman Wertheimer on July 18, 2007, and described as "motion picture, television and music production and distribution services." The Attorney of Record for the trademark is Lori N. Boatright. She is also the Attorney of Record for "SLUSHO!," "SLUSHO! YOU CAN'T DRINK JUST SIX," and "BAD ROBOT", trademarks 77229623, 77229614, and 76340985, respectively. I googled for "GROUP ONE PRODUCTIONS, LLC," yielding nothing. The LLC, however, is registered in the State of Delaware, formed on 11-08-2006, with its registered agent being ERESIDENTAGENT, INC (search). It's just a resident agent service. Considering there's no real information on the company, I think it's just a hollow LLC, perhaps formed to conceal the real parties involved. They only own one trademark, "overnight." I then googled for "Jackoway Tyerman Wertheimer." Jim Jackoway is an attorney, known to represent J.J. Abrams -- and happens to be the registrant for (whois search) What are the odds that a lawyer (Jackoway) who represents Abrams would register a trademark using the attorney of record who registered Slusho (Boatright)? Further googling shows no previous connection between Boatright and Jackoway. Is "Overnight" really the title of the film? As the trailer so eloquently stated, "this is going to be the best night ever..."

I guess we will see what happens.