Thursday, July 26, 2007

Cameron's Monstrous CNBC Interview

I just got an e-mail from Julia Boorstin at CNBC asking for an interview. Looks like this little blog is getting some national recognition.

Hi Cameron-
I'm CNBC's media correspondent and I'm doing a segment today on J.J. Abrams making his presentation at Comic-Con. We think your blog is amazing and we'd love to interview you about it on camera for a taped segment on the Monstrous movie.
Where are you? And can we grab you for a quick 5 minute interview?


Julia Boorstin
CNBC - Media and Entertainment Business Correspondent

UPDATE: I just got home from talking with Julia Boorstin. The interview was fairly quick, and my ear piece kept shorting out. I'm sure it'll play well on camera. Be sure to check out the interview on CNBC's "On the Money" Friday, July 27 at 7:00 p.m. ET. Take a look at her blog at Media Money while you wait for any updates from JJ Abrams at Comic-Con.