Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Beasts of the Sea

The Gossip Rag (interesting name) has some new info about Slusho's connection to 1-18-08.


The hunt continues. Many people are asking questions about Noriko Yoshida since she is talked about extensively on the Slusho website. Additionally, the Slusho website reports that Noriko is survived by her son. This may not be all that important, but what is important is that Scramble Network reports that just yesterday a Matisse painting was posted on what is called Noriko Yoshida’s Web Page at Kobe University. The painting’s title can be translated as “The Beasts of the Sea.” This is interesting as well. It is also interesting that the Japanese URL has NY NY contained in the domain. JJ Abrams and the Paramount Cloverfield team are really throwing us for a loop!