Thursday, July 12, 2007

Exit Mystery St

After reading the SlashFilm article again (linked previously), I've been doing some research about the Exit Mystery St sticker/sign/whatever. I've found that, just like with LOST fans, 1-18-08 fans are starting to get a little TOO good at finding "clues."

I have reason to believe that this sign is nothing more than a background prop with little to no meaning, other than perhaps a clue into the life of Rob, the trailer's apparent focus.

The Exit Mystery St sign originates from New Orleans. The New Orleans Jazz Fest 2007, to be exact. Another shot from the trailer showed a fraternity paddle with the letters AKM. Some minor research led me to Xavie University of Louisiana and the Dillard University. Both are in New Orleans.

Methinks our friend Rob may be from New Orleans, or perhaps a roommate? Time will tell.