Friday, August 10, 2007

Cloverfield NOT Voltron, Variety Confirms

Variety has confirmed that a Voltron movie is being made, but not by Paramount and not by JJ Abrams. 20th Century Fox-based production company New Regency has partnered with the Mark Gordon Company to adapt "Voltron: Defender of the Universe" into a possible franchise.

Gordon has been developing the pic, based on the popular 1980s Japanese animated TV series, comicbooks and toy line, with Justin Marks penning the script.

Should the deal close, project would be one of the company's more high-profile efforts since Robert Harper took over as chairman-CEO of Regency Filmed Entertainment earlier this year.

Interest in the property hit a high after "Transformers" turned into a box office juggernaut, raking in nearly $300 million to date.

New Regency, which hasn't had a major hit since "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" in 2005, sparked to the idea of a potential franchise.

Company's upcoming pics include "Alvin and the Chipmunks," the Doug Liman-directed "Jumper," the Alexandre Aja-helmed "Mirrors" and the Eddie Murphy starrer "Starship Dave."

Marks' take is described as a post-apocalyptic tale set in New York City and Mexico. Five ragtag survivors of an alien attack band together and end up piloting the five lion-shaped robots that combine and form the massive sword-wielding Voltron that helps battle Earth's invaders.

Gordon will produce with Lawrence Inglee and Jordan Wynn, who are shepherding the project at the Gordon Co., which has Roland Emmerich's "10,000 B.C." bowing next from Warner Bros. Mark Costa and Ford Oelman are exec producers.

"Voltron" pic has been in the works for nearly three years, with Jim Young's Animus Films funding its development.

Marks has become a go-to guy in Hollywood for comicbook, videogame and toy-based adaptations.

He is adapting "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" for Joel Silver at Warner Bros., as well as the Green Arrow pic "Supermax," also at the studio. Marks also has "Street Fighter" in the works at Hyde Park and Fox.

I'm not sure if it was the mass destruction, the misheard line, "It's a lion, it's huge!" or just a fanboy's fantasy that first created all the Voltron hype surrounding 1-18-08/Cloverfield/Whatever. But, we now have definite confirmation that this movie is not Voltron. In fact, for now, I'm going to stick to my previous theory about this movie's monster(s).