Wednesday, August 1, 2007

1-18-08 Spy Footage, Set Report, Set Photos has delivered on their promise to give fans exactly what we want. They've got a full set report, set photos, and some top-secret spy footage from 1-18-08.

The video is here. If the guy that originally shot it puts it on YouTube or any other video site, I'll be sure to embed it here. For now, IESB won't allow it.


For more set photos, click here.

Set Report

A few days ago I was picking up my sister from work and noticed movie trucks and army vehicles starting to fill the parking lot up at the Santa Anita Shopping Mall. I didn't think much of it because the mall is right next to the Santa Anita Race track and they always have some whacked out stuff going on over there so it wasn't that strange. But the next night, I saw that they started moving stuff in and out of the empty Robinsons/May building.
I walked right into the building without anyone stopping me. I saw that they were using the actual abandoned cosmetic counters and the other stuff that just seemed to be lying around for the set. They had a bunch of computer and gurney's around. It can be described as a triage center/command center.

The next night, I brought my video camera just in case something cool happened but at this point I didn't know what they were filming. My sisters boyfriend is a guard in the mall so he seemed to know a lot more than he was letting on. But after I told him I'd tell my sister some incriminating stuff on him, he started talking. Turns out that they are filming that J.J. Abrams Cloverfield movie and that the code name Chocolate is being used for the movie.
There were also a guys in Blue Bio-suits walking around who were working on something that I couldn't really describe. I'm speculating here but it looks like they might have a small piece of the monster or maybe some kind of infected human. There was a lot of attention on them so I just kept my distance.

I think the most interesting tidbit that I overheard was them referring to a robot. I know that J.J.'s company is called Bad Robot but now, I'm just guessing, what if the Monster isn't a monster, but a robot that has turned bad? That's a stretch but maybe J.J. wants to come full circle on the Bad Robot name. Has he ever said where the Bad Robot name came from? I don't think I've ever heard. I'm speculating on this because I did overhear another conversation later on regarding monsters. Monsters in the plural.

Click here for the full set report from "Rolling Sabre."