Thursday, August 16, 2007

Where Are the 1-18-08 Updates?

This whole 1-18-08 campaign has been pretty quiet for the past week. The biggest news was that it's NOT Voltron, which everyone already knew. The official site hasn't been updated in 13 days, a rumored trailer didn't show at the beginning of Stardust (I didn't think it would), and no more set photos or reports have surfaced (probably because principal photog has ended in NY). The MySpace profiles and blogs have been updated, but I highly doubt they're anything more than a campaign to get the audience invested in these characters are "real" people.

Even with the lack of official news or updates, I still find that I check my e-mail alerts several times a day to see if anything new has popped up. I check the official site at least twice a day for updates. I sometimes do a Google search just to see how high or low this site is ranked for certain phrases.

I'm curious how everyone else feels at this point. This was a huge hype-machine in early July, and now just over a month later there's no news. Are you still invested in this movie? Have you lost interest? And what drew you to the movie in the first place? I think for me it was JJ Abrams' association, and the lack of a title didn't hurt either.