Monday, December 10, 2007

TIDOWave Updated has been updated with three blog entries today. In one entry, "Randy" is mentioned. This comes right after Jamie's latest video blog where Teddy mentions that Randy will soon be calling Jamie.

December “Tip for the Field”

Many of you have written in and complained that when you get into a demonstration situation and it goes array, you often find yourself alone in a jail cell for hours or trapped outdoors with inadequate food, clothing, or hygiene options.

To address this need, I’ve created a “Survival Kit” of essential items to take with you to any gathering, should you be captured or forced to flee society for several days.

1. “Warm towel”
2. Dried fruit
3. Small comb
4. Jerky
5. Flare gun
6. Swiss Army Knife
7. Compass

I’ve been making pre-packaged “Survival Kits” of my own for distribution at Tidowave rallies. $30 per set. Please contact me on my cell for purchase.

Flower Donations

Please send all flowers and sympathy cards to Margaret. She’ll pass them on to the appropriate parties.

Call To Action

The “event” discussed in our last meeting has, unfortunately, had some problems. Therefore, we’ll be staging a repeat “event” for the weekend of the 14th. Please contact Randy on his green mobile for updated information.