Monday, December 10, 2007 Video #5 - The Package has been updated once again. This time, Jamie is a little upset that Teddy still hasn't called, written, e-mailed, or text messaged her. But, I think we all know why. December 9th has come and it's time for Jamie to open her gift from her once-beloved Teddy. And she does! Quite exciting.

You can see the video here:, or from the YouTube link above.

Here's the transcript if you can't view videos:

[Jamie sits on bed]
Hey Teddy. Uhhh, well, you haven't called and you haven't written and I haven't heard from you in probably about...a month! So, today's December 9th, and I'm going to open your gift. I wanted to do it on the phone with you, but you haven't called or responded to any of my text messages...pretty much disappeared from my life, so...
[Grabs gift]
I'm going to open your gift because I gave you my word that I would wait, and here we go.
[Begins to open gift off camera]
Well, at least you're good at wrapping.
[Grabs scissors to help open the box]
I mean, you can't even pick up a [mumbled] phone and let me know anything?
[Pulls out a Slusho! hat, tries it on, and tosses it]
Thanks for the hat...You know, most people send jewelry.
[Pulls out a plastic bag with tin foil in it]
"Primary evidence. Freeze ASAP. Jamie, don't eat this."
[Looks at camera, tosses primary evidence, pulls out a tape recorder from the box]
[Teddy's voice on tape recorder]
"Jamie, listen to me. All right, this is not a joke. If you're hearing this before we've spoken, then it means I've been captured by a company called Tagruato. Okay? Tag-ru-ato! Now listen, this is important...don't call the authorities, it'll screw everything up. Just sit tight and wait to hear from Randy. He knows to call you. Um...we're on their station, okay. And, um, it's like they've done something, or they're making something, but look...the point is, I can't ca...I'm not going to be calling you again. You're not going to hear from me again. I just want you to wait for Randy. He will explain..."
[Jamie stops the tape recorder]
Oh my God...OH MY GOD! You know, Teddy! If you were seeing someone else, all you had to do was tell me, like a man. You know, I'm not playing your stupid [mumbled] games anymore! You're a prick, and I am done.

Special thanks to Amber Tubbs, who e-mailed me about this first. Please, feel free to comment about what the Primary Evidence is, or what you think of this video and what it means for our future.

Update: Randy works for Thanks to smartart at unfiction for that bit of knowledge. This more than likely confirms that Teddy is working for TIDOWave as well.