Thursday, December 6, 2007

Happy Expressions Slusho! Commercial!!!

The Slusho! Contest page is now available. Above is the official Slusho! Happy Expressions Contest Commercial. The folks at UnFiction are working on a translation of the commercial here.

The contest is to create your own Slusho! commercial.

It is Superfantastic happy time!!! The first ever Slusho! commercial contest for users like yourselves! Now you can share your happiness with all of us by making your OWN advertisement commercial for Slusho! brand happy drink!!!!! The top five entries, chosen by a small panel of decision people, will receive Slusho!-branded laptop computers designed by Alienware masters, each valued at $3,000 American dollars!!! This is very phenomenal and true!!!!!!! And even if you are not a winner, we may show your commercial!!!

The winners will have kept in mind that Slusho! is NOT scary and bad, or related to anything scary and bad. Slusho! is FUN and HAPPY! The winners will make 30-second (but no longer than a minute) commercials that show the super joy of Slusho! and how much people love it! Slusho! should be shown to be good and fun to drink!!! And amazingly great for you as additions!!!

You can be winning! Make the happy Slusho! commercial for us! Do it right now! BUT FIRST, YOU MUST READ ALL THE OFFICIAL RULES VERY CAREFULLY! Or you will be disqualified and bring great shame on us. Do it right now!!!!!