Wednesday, December 19, 2007

MovieWeb Exclusive: Cloverfield Commercial

Paramount Pictures have provided MovieWeb with an exclusive first look at the next Cloverfield TV commercial. The video contains a few never-before seen scenes from the upcoming film, and is a much better quality (and different) than the commercial previously seen.

In case you can't view the video, here's a transcript. There are a couple of new scenes, so I've inserted screencaps of those when relevent. Otherwise, you've probably already seen the rest.

[Arial view of NY Harbor]
Rob: Seven hours ago, someTHING attacked the city.
Partymembers: What was that noise?
Woman on the street: What is it? Is it coming this way!?
Matt Reeves: I saw it! It's alive! It's huge!
Rob: Hello? Beth? Where are you?
[New scene of Rob, Lil, Beth? and (HUD behind the camera?) on a rooftop. This is where the fighter jets bombing the city was filmed.]
Soldier on Loud Speaker: This is a mandatory evacuation!
Rob to Soldier: We're going to go after her. If you want to stop me, then you're going to have to shoot me.
Soldier [his face isn't blurred now]: There's nothing we can do for you!
[New scene of Rob, Lil, and (HUD behind the camera?) on the street]
Rob to Lil: Stay here, okay? I'll go.
Lil: I'm coming with you.
Crowd on the street: Run, Run, Run! (Screams) Oh my God! Oh my God!
Announcer: Cloverfield...PG-13...January 18th