Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Heroes Cast Drinks Slusho!

In a bit of a break from all the trailer news, I now bring you the cast of NBC's Heroes enjoying everyone's favorite frozen beverage, Slusho! Sadly, Zachary Quinto was not present. He was probably out filming that OTHER JJ Abrams film.

Blog site, Beeming Beeman from Director/Producer Greg Beeman, recalls the latest Heroes episode, "Cautionary Tales" (be sure to scroll to the bottom of that page if you had to use your DVR).

Greg Grunberg (hey, isn't he in Cloverfield?) tries to read the Slusho! thoughts.

The cheerleader loves Slusho! And so should you.

Kristen Bell. I'd probably buy anything she told me to.

Even bad guy Mr. Sark, I mean Takezo Kensei, I mean Adam Monroe enjoys Slusho!

Follow the links for more shots of the cast, including HRG, Hiro and Kaito, Ando, Molly, and Suresh, enjoying Slusho! Now, the question at hand is, "Where Can I Get One Of Those Slusho! Cups!?"

Update: It looks like Slusho! did make an appearance in the show. Check out Chapter 3 of the episode on NBC.com.