Monday, November 19, 2007

Audio Analysis - Cloverfield Trailer #2

Dennis has done it again. He's separated the surround sound audio channels from the new HD Cloverfield trailer, and saved them as individual files. It definitely helps understand exactly what they're saying and what's going on in the trailer.

You can download the complete set here:

Here is the audio transcript. Please let me know if you hear something different.
[Party scene]

[On the street]
Oh my God! (x3)

[Rob looking into the camera]
Rob: My name is Robert Hawkins. Approximately seven hours ago, uh, some thing attacked the city, um, if you found this, if you're watching this, then you know more about it than I do.

[Rob on his cell phone]
Rob: Hello? Beth? Beth, where are you?

Marlena: Hey, we can not go into the middle of the city. We've got to get out of here!

Soldier: There’s nothing we can do for you

Marlena: Do you know what that thing is?
Soldier: What ever it is, it's winning.

Unknown: Do you have any idea what's out there?
Rob: I don't care what's out there. Listen to me, she's dying.


Unknown: Turn that camera [off]

[Monster roar]
Hawk: Rob, Rob, I saw it.
Rob: I need to go to my car
Hawk?: Rob, Rob, it's a loss.

Rob: Come on! Run, go go go!
[Cameraman lying on the ground]
Rob: Hud! Hud!

[Buzzing sound]
Marlena: What was that?

Rob: Run Run Run away!

Rob?: Still filming?
Hud?: Yeah, people are gonna want to know, you know, how it all went down

Check out his full analysis here: