Friday, October 5, 2007 Video #2

The 1-18-08 viral site has been updated with a second video. The password is still jllovesth.

Thanks to Dennis for hosting the video once again. The video also can be seen here if you can't access YouTube. And here's the transcript if you can't access any video.

[Jamie plays a couple notes on a harmonica]

All right, I finally figured out how to work the camera, and I have about 15 horny girls waiting to go to Girls Night down stairs, so I have to make this really quick.

But, I'm here talking to you right now because of two reasons:

1: Because I miss you, I miss you so much, and...

2: Because you really effed me up with this gift, you can not--thank you by the way--but you can not send a girl a gift and tell her to open it on December 9th, which is forever away. You just can't do that. But, I gave you my word and it's going to sit here right at the edge of my bed until, until you say that I can open it, because I gave you my word.

And, I also got your text message, sorry...

[whispering] I got your text message earlier, I have to be quiet...

And I got, I just figured out the answer to your question: Six. Six times. And the answer that you got wrong is [whispering] corn bread.

You got it wrong.

[friend, off camera] Lets go, let do this!

All right, all right. I have to go, I love you, I miss you so much, and I'll talk to you soon...

[friend, off camera] Come on!

Again, the significance of this video is lost on me. I'm sure there are several subtle clues about...something. For instance, Jamie receives a gift from Teddy, but she can't open it until December 9. Is this how long Cloverfield fans have to wait for more solid information? Jamie also mentions an answer to one of Teddy's questions, which is "SIX times." Whatever that means. Oh, and she appears to be drinking cranberry juice (possibly with some vodka). I wonder how that bladder infection is treating her?