Saturday, October 13, 2007

Slusho Update

The home page at Slusho has been updated with two new buttons. The first is for "Distribution Opportunities."

Join the Slusho! Team soon!!! Distribution Opportunities available by contacting us through our parent, TAGRUATO! Extensive research reveals that our incredibly tasty flavor mixtures would be loved throughout the West! Become a pioneer, spread Noriko's dream and purchase a Slusho! machine for your store today! We will send representatives and scientists who will train you on how to operate our machine, and preserve the flavor of our special ingredient, Seabed's Nectar!! And what is more, we will have the special flavor tasties delivered bi-weekly, right to your storefront!!! We are highly optimistic that the FDA and other such organizations will quickly approve our ingredient for consumption in the West. They need only look to the East to see its remarkable health benefits - it is nutritious and thrifty!

TEL +81-3-5403-6318

The second button's text is in Japanese. When you click the button, it simply says, "We Are Coming, We'll Find You Soon!!" My guess is this button is reserved for a store directory if/when Slusho reaches American shores.